Who Am I?


I am a state of California licensed civil engineer with 26 years of experience at Sweetwater Authority. I know the Chula Vista water distribution system and I know where the opportunities are for saving.

I have two masters degrees. One in business administration and the second one in public administration. I attended Chula Vista High School, Southwestern College, San Diego State and National University. 

I spent 8 years in the US Army as a water treatment specialist. 

Why am I running?


I see water rates continuing to increase while the salaries of those on a fixed income are not increasing. We need to seriously look at options to maintain current water rates BY ELIMINATING UNNECESSARY SPENDING.

I see people’s bills increasing, even as their conservation increases. However, those who conserve water deserve to be truly rewarded for their effort.

I want to create a lifeline water rate for senior citizens so they don’t have to spend more of their limited resources on their water bill.


What do I plan to accomplish?


  1. Cut wasteful spending.
  2. Create a lifeline water rate for seniors
  3. Keep water rates low.